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san francisco

the way he makes her feel is
two inches tall on the shoulder of a giant


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he passed the city limits in a yellow checkered taxi
the skyscrapers were fountain pens
scratching ink-black clouds to the paper-gray sky

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i met a balloon salesman yesterday
his bones were so heavy
they kept him from floating away

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she lay next to him with silver starlight
streaming in. he was so far away,
she looked at the moon to feel his heartbeat;
fingers against the glass to feel
his twinkling-star pulse.

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you pull a yawn out of your pocket
and pop it like a sleeping pill.
slip into slumber like a nightgown,
hope the sandman’s got you down
for nothing less than a nightmare.

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las vegas

when we fought, we still held
on. even though sometimes,
it was to get a better grip.

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chicago (a proposal)

the flat downstairs is
and his mother’s polish is present in her smile
as she wipes her hands on a dishrag.
“since you’re going together, are you moving
or should i put it up for rent?”
joseph cocks his hat to the side,
the way he always does,
and looks at my grandmother.
what do you think?”

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