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head inside a dream

at least i was able to hold your hand
in my dream last night—
when i awoke,
i could hear your name in my heartbeat

how much longer do i have to keep waiting
for you to dream of me too?


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here and there

how am i supposed to love someone so far away?

here i am:

i want you to think about me in the quiet in-between moments of work, to want me sitting next to you as you drive past the pacific sunrise

i want to know the texture of your hair, your hands, your chest, to feel my heartbeat manifest in a spark as our bodies touch

i want to breathe in your scent, i don’t care what you smell like; i want to hear your snores, to know every freckle on your skin, to know every scar you’ve ever gotten

i want to leave this city for a night and watch the stars dance and tell you that i don’t know why i feel so broken inside, that there are pieces of my memory that are missing and no one else knows, but now you do

there you are.

still. let’s fall in love.

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2am love letter

you say you’re terrible, but so am i
i will love you, i will,
but i will always be waiting

for you to leave me–
once you see my darkest parts
you will realize
you’re not so bad after all

let my darkness illuminate you
let me build you castles
do not let me consume you
i am already my own demise

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